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with AdBuilder™

Did you know that 97% of buyers find their home online? As a result, most sellers expect their homes to be prominently featured where buyers are, and that includes social media. With AdBuilder™, you can easily publish stunning, attention-grabbing video ads that satisfy your seller’s expectations. Elevate your listings, attract more potential buyers, and ensure your sellers’ homes get the recognition they deserve. Start making your listings famous with AdBuilder™ today.

Why AdBuilder?

Seamless Integration with Bright MLS
AdBuilder™ is seamlessly integrated into Bright MLS's Listing Management, making it the most efficient way to advertise your listings and make your seller's home famous. No more extra logins or switching between platforms—everything you need is right at your fingertips. Create eye-catching, shareable ads in minutes and give your listings the social media spotlight they deserve.
Instant Visibilty & Specific Targeting
With AdBuilder, you can leverage digital ads on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram to instantly target potential clients with precision. This means reaching audiences who might miss your listings on traditional real estate portals. Digital ads provide immediate reach and instant visibility, allowing your listings to make a strong impact as soon as they hit the market.
Gain a Competitive Advantage
By leveraging digital ads, you can gain a competitive edge, ensuring that your listings stand out amidst the vast sea of properties on real estate portals. With AdBuilder's customized messaging, you can tailor ad content to highlight specific selling points of a property, ensuring potential clients receive the most compelling information.
Stand Out with Video Ads
Video ads provide an immersive experience that captures the attention of potential buyers far more effectively than static images or text. AdBuilder automates the creation of stunning video content that highlights your listings, whether they are coming soon, active or just sold.

How it Works

Step 01

We Create Your Ad

Go to your listing in Bright MLS's Listing Management. From your listing data, we automatically generate ad content with highly engaging video.

Step 02

You Select Ad Platforms

You select where you want your ad to run: Facebook, Instagram, Google or Bing.

Step 03

You Choose Target Market* and Spend

Set campaign details to ensure you're reaching the right folks and staying within your own budget.

*Fair Housing rules apply

Step 04

In Minutes, You’re Done!

No logging into Google or Facebook. Your ads will begin running and you'll receive reports to track ROl.

Join the Revolution

AdBuilder is changing the way real estate professionals market their listings. Join the revolution and experience the benefits of streamlined, professional digital advertising today right in your MLS.

Get Started Now!

Log in to Bright MLS’s Listing Management and try AdBuilder today. Elevate your marketing and make your seller’s home famous with cutting-edge digital ads that captivate and engage potential buyers, helping you close more deals.

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