Four Digital Marketing Influencers Share Their Secret Sauce

Four Digital Marketing Influencers Share Their Secret Sauce

We gathered four of the top real estate influencers in the country and asked them to share their personal strategies and tactics to stay top of mind in their sphere of influence for our industry paper. Here are some highlights and strategies you can start implementing now!

Stacie Staub

Be the local expert online and off

“I always say that people should see you in their inbox and their mailbox, plus NextDoor and Facebook Groups where people are talking about your neighborhood.”

With the market slowing down, Staub encourages her agents to take the opportunity now to build a personality and presence in their farm areas that they haven’t had time to do in the past few years. An easy way to grow this presence is online with hyperlocal data and community-focused posts. 

Nikki Beauchamp

Be consistent 

“They get a sense for who you are as a person, who you are as an agent, what your marketing approach is, what your company’s marketing approach is.”

Beauchamp shares that social media marketing can be a long game. Her biggest advantage of posting to social media is that it helps smooth the way for her relationships with buyers and sellers, who feel like they know her before they speak with her for the first time. She had a client follow her online for nine months before reaching out. But by the time they met, he already had a sense of what it was like working with her and ultimately chose Beauchamp out of four other agents. 

Sue “Pinky” Benson

Lean into personal branding

“It’s kind of that Disney World effect of, how many Mickey Mouses are there? There’s only one. You have to conceptualize it so that this goes all the way around. It is a dedication that many people don’t have. But as you go into the digital sphere, you have to have that consistency.”

Not only does it help to have a consistent strategy, but it’s also even more important to have consistent branding. What makes you or your business unique? Find something that is memorable and can be replicated across all your marketing. 

Brad Allen

Invest in your marketing strategy

“I was spending $150,000 a year on Zillow, and it dawned on me that I wasn’t in control of those leads. And I thought, ‘What if I take that money and invest it in videographers and social media people?’”

There are a ton of ways to generate leads, but there is a big difference between chasing leads and attracting clients. Almost all homebuyers and sellers start their journey online. Instead of spending money on leads, look into reinvesting that money for your marketing. That can include content creators, social media managers, videographers, photographers, editors, marketing tools, ads, and more! 

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